There’s a playlist for every season, and it’s officially summer!

For most of us, summer looks a bit different this year than it has in previous years. The pandemic may have altered some of our travel plans and made going out more of a hassle, but it can’t fully deprive adventurers of a good summer experience. Whether you’ve been going on more walks, taking smaller roadtrips, or exploring new hiking trails, you shouldn’t go anywhere without a good playlist.

Everyone has different tastes when it comes to their music-of-choice for summer. For some, it’s reminiscent of music that plays at their picnics and barbeques with family or friends. For others, it’s the sound of music festivals. And for some, it’s the music that plays in the background while you’re hanging out next to a campfire.

The best thing about Spotify’s platform is that there’s a playlist for every genre and mood. Users can create their own playlists and make them available to the public so anyone can discover new artists and songs they’ve never heard before. Here are seven of the best summer playlists on Spotify right now:

1. Caribou’s 1000+ Song Mixtape

This playlist is a few years old by now, but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable. Not many playlists are quite as long as this one, though. Coming in at over 1,000 songs, Caribou’s ‘The Longest Mixtape’ playlist consists of artists like Justin Timberlake, Nina Simone, and Tame Impala. 

2. Spotify’s ‘Summer Party’ Playlist

This is one of Spotify’s original playlists and, just like its name sounds, it’s perfect for any social gathering. You’ll probably recognize a lot of artists featured on our ‘Summer Party’ playlist, like Post Malone, John Mayer, Lizzo, and Beyonce.

3. Danger Mouse Jukebox

This playlist by Danger Mouse is a little more eclectic than some of the other ones featured on this list. It’s perfect for users that are into soul, psychedelic, and indie rock. It features artists like The Flaming Lips, Run The Jewels, Kadhja Bonet.

4. Pitchfork’s ‘Summer Roadtrip’ Playlist

If you’ve never heard of Pitchfork before, they’re an American-based magazine that considers themselves “the most trusted voice in music.” Their ‘Summer Roadtrip’ playlist is meant to be listened to in the car, whether you’re driving to a destination down the street or halfway across the nation.

5. Spotify’s ‘Poolside Disco’ Playlist

Spotify put together the best poolside playlist that has a little bit of disco, funk, and soul. Jordan Astra, Purple Disco Machine, and Zombies In Miami are all featured on this list, as well as a bunch of other artists. 

6. Filtr UK’s ‘Driving Rock Anthems’ Playlist

Another playlist created for a long car ride, Filtr UK’s playlist is all about the classic rock ballads. The playlist features all the well-known hits from everyone from AC/DC to ZZ Top. It’s a good playlist to listen to yourself, but even better with a friend in the car with you.

7. NME’s ’50 Best Summer Songs’ Playlist

This playlist by NME features classics by Kid Rock and The Beach Boys, but also features current tracks by artists like the Arctic Monkeys Vampire Weekend. No matter where you’re at or what group you’re with, there is a song for everyone on this list.

Check out any or all of these playlists to make your summer a little sweeter. For a more customized listening experience, Spotify recently released their ‘Your Summer Rewind’ playlist, which features throwbacks to your old favorite summer songs.