Few things are as frustrating as having a song stuck in your head without knowing the artist or song title. Thankfully, the Spotify app has a solution. Now, users can access the search function to discover songs just by knowing the lyrics. Gone are the days of stubborn earworm songs and desperate efforts to find titles on Google. Users can identify the song that’s on their minds by typing in the lyrics, playing the song that matches the query, and adding it to a playlist, all in the Spotify app.

Spotify designer Lin Wang highlighted the new feature on her Twitter account, and since then, it has received quite a bit of attention and praise. After all, who among us hasn’t been plagued by a song without knowing anything about it? This new feature reduces the need for external searches to identify songs and generally helps users find more of the music they love.

How it works is relatively simple. Typing lyrics in the search bar pulls up songs that contain those same (or similar) lyrics, denoted by a tag appearing beneath the song that reads “Lyrics match.” Users do not need to concern themselves with punctuation either; the search function is intuitive enough to negate the need for proper grammar!

As this feature is still new, there is still room for growth and improvement. Some users have noticed that searching for lyrics may pull up covers before the original song; even so, just finding the name of a song has never been easier, and as more users utilize the feature, it is safe to say that it will only become more accurate over time. 

Spotify isn’t the only music streaming app striving to improve and optimize the user experience, but they now boast more than two times the number of premium subscribers than Apple Music did last year, so it’s clear that Spotify’s platform is the preferred choice for many.

Earlier this year, Spotify launched another lyrics-based feature with real-time lyrics from MusixMatch. This feature is great for users who want to learn all the lyrics to their favorite songs, as well as anyone looking to participate in a solo-karaoke night. This feature allowed Spotify to compete with Apple Music once more, as the latter launched a similar feature last year. Spotify’s updates are geared toward making their users’ experiences better, and the new lyric-based features certainly serve to make the app more interactive and engaging for all.

From new weekly music charts released on Twitter to the latest update to the app’s search function, Spotify routinely implements new features and practices in order to best serve their user base. Now, users will have an easier time locating songs when they have no information beyond even a single lyric, making the task of finding new music more efficient than ever before.