Art in any form is essential to life. For many, music provides an outlet for untapped emotions as well as opportunities for connection. Live performances often intensify these experiences and allow fans to feel connected and fulfilled.

Canceled concerts, postponed festivals, travel restrictions, and the widespread quarantine culture have put the brakes on the music scene this year. However, as 2020 has progressed, we’ve seen incredible developments that have taken full advantage of the digital resources available to keep the world moving and continue limiting the negative impact of the ongoing pandemic.

Through an exciting partnership with Songkick, an app dedicated to improving the accessibility and discovery of live performances for fans, Spotify now features virtual concerts that allow users to listen to their favorite musicians live while also staying safe. Some Ticketmaster events will also be visible to users.

This new feature builds off an exciting one; Spotify had already allowed users to locate and plan for upcoming concerts featuring their favorite performers, so adapting to the new nature of these performances should come easily! 

Expanding the concept of live performances

Right now, traditional concerts aren’t feasible, but that doesn’t mean that live concerts are obsolete. Through innovation and evolution, the music industry is weathering the challenges presented by the pandemic and making strides to connect with their fans and stay active in their lives.

From sharing their own playlists and hosting listening parties to celebrating fanart on Spotify’s Canvas feature, artists have worked to continually bring joy and community to their fans during this time. With virtual concerts, artists are able to expand their reach and keep doing what they love.

From the comfort of your home

Even before the pandemic, when faced with the choice of going out or staying in, many of us often opted for the latter. Now that our choices are limited, it’s fitting that we adopt those practices in our desire for musical entertainment, as well. Virtual concerts keep us engaged, entertained, and connected with the artists we admire without requiring plans for travel or accommodations.

Part of the thrill of live performances stems from the environment and the consequent sensory elements of the experience. While virtual concerts can’t quite replicate those sensations, they are a means of overcoming an unprecedented hurdle.

Even without the physical environment of a concert venue, virtual concerts bring what really matters — the music — into your home. Watching your favorite artist perform from their own space while you are comfortable in yours can provide a unique and memorable experience during these unusual times.

Connecting with fans has never been easier

For artists, touring is often an exciting and rewarding experience, but it can also be draining and demanding. Strict schedules, endless travel, and separation from their homes and loved ones, touring can weigh on artists. Through virtual concerts, artists are able to connect with their fans from their own spaces, reducing the need for travel while also providing a unique experience for their fans.

Artists who are interested in performing virtually and want their concerts to be visible on Spotify will go through Songkick to get them listed. Artists can choose to use whichever platform is the most convenient, familiar, or suitable for their unique performance.

Whether you’re looking for a specific concert and artist or simply want to see what’s ahead, you can visit Spotify’s Concert hub to learn more.