Radio no longer owns the music scene, but it does still have an advantage over audio streaming services when it comes to news and sports. Until now. Spotify recently released their Daily Sports playlist, which is now widely available to its free and premium users.

And this couldn’t come at a more perfect time. Professional leagues like the NFL, NBA, and MLB are in full swing, despite initial concerns that their seasons would be postponed or canceled because of the pandemic. Just like Spotify’s other featured playlists, this new rollout will boast a variety of music and podcasts, all of which will be dedicated to sports-only content. Some of this content could include audio from Sports News Minute with Larry Brown, ESPN Daily, and The Lead. Also in the mix are a selection of upbeat songs from your favorite artists to get you in the mood for game day.

Just like Spotify users can create their own personalized playlists to revisit whenever they’re in the mood for a specific genre, Daily Sports gives users one place where they can go to keep up with their favorite sports commentary, news, and personalities. The best part about this playlist is that you can interact with it however you wish. In the mood for more commentary? Skip through to the featured podcasts. Want a break from the talking? Switch to music instead. 

This playlist is customized just for you. This is possible because Spotify’s experts use the platform’s unique algorithm to curate sports-only content based on what you like or what you’d like to hear more of. To ensure that you’re getting the most up-to-date audio and music, Daily Sports updates every single day, which is important when you rely on these outlets to stay informed about what’s going on with your favorite teams. And this also ensures that the featured music doesn’t get stale either.

Daily Sports shows Spotify’s dedication to improving their offerings and giving their users everything they want from a single streaming service. The inspiration for this new playlist comes after Spotify acquired The Ringer earlier this year, a platform renowned for its sports podcasts. Through this acquisition, some of The Ringer’s sports content now will be exclusive to Spotify. A significant portion of this content will also be available alongside the other shows you’ll see populate on your Daily Sports playlist. 

Spotify wants to continue their launch into original sports programming in the coming years. As such, they hired Amy Hudson, a previous Facebook employee who oversaw the social media giant’s sports media partnerships in North America, last year to oversee their push into the sports realm. This gives sports lovers a reason to celebrate!

If you haven’t already, check out your Daily Sports playlist today. You can find it out on your Made For You hub or the Sports Hub on your mobile phone or desktop computer.