Spotify has been expanding its podcast services for quite some time now. Last year, we announced our plans to spend $500 million to usher in the future of podcasting, and a lot has changed since that announcement. We’ve been able to acquire Gimlet Media, the organization behind notable podcasts such as Reply All, as well as Anchor. 

But we didn’t only want to expand our reach here in the United States, so we began exploring podcasting in other countries like India. At the end of 2019, Spotify released three original podcasts in India, which included 22 Yarns with Gaurav Kapur, Bhaskar Bose, and Love Aaj Kal with Aastha & Ankit. All three of these podcasts were met with immediate success, so Spotify decided to release twelve more. 

Every one of these podcasts are predominantly non-fiction content that explore topics like news, community heroes, and what it’s like to live in India. They are all worth a listen, but let’s explore five of these new podcasts:

1. Special Mission with Gul Panag

Gul Panag delves into true stories of brave accounts from the Indian armed forces. These stories can cover stories from valour fights all the way to stories of determination, but each one offers some of the most inspirational content you’ll ever listen to. And there’s already twelve episodes available for you to binge listen to.

2. Our Last Week with Anuvab & Kunaal

The two podcasters responsible for Our Last Week include Anuvab Pal, a neuro-science researcher and physicist, and Kunaal Roy Kapur, a world-renowned philosopher. They enmesh their different perspectives and unique backgrounds to discuss the black hole of human existence. They deem themselves “two guys trying to make sense of it all,” so this is a great podcast for anyone who also questions the deeper issues in life.

3. Off Script with Salil

Off Script is an interview-style podcast where Salil Acharya speaks to some of the most profound and interesting people in India. He’s interviewed people that are involved in the world of Bollywood, as well as some of India’s most notable pop stars. There are already 23 episodes available, so check out some of his guests and pick your favorite to start.

4. Zindagi Unplugged

Similar (but very different from) Our Last Week, motivation expert Brigadier Sushil Bhasin discusses some of the most unanswered questions in life, like how to deal with the death of a loved one and how to overcome procrastination. Each episode is no more than 45-minutes long, but Brigadier unpacks so much in just a short period of time.

5. 22 Yarns with Gaurav Kapur

This is one of the original three podcasts, so there are quite a few more episodes available for listening. This podcast was designed for lovers of all things cricket. Gaurav interviews cricket journalists, current cricket players, as well as retired cricket players to give his audience a well-rounded perspective on what the sport is really like.

Spotify is already planning for more original podcast content in India, and hopes to continue to expand their global podcasting reach over the years to come.