The city that never sleeps, the Big Apple, and one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world, New York City has everything. A diverse community, a bustling social scene, and, one of its best attributes, an iconic list of Broadway theaters.

People come from all over the world to visit New York. Its rich history and unique culture make it a truly remarkable city. Some people even choose to stay permanently. Younger generations come for college, job opportunities, and just to be a part of the city’s livelihood, and a lot of older generations even retire to New York. Its locals are proud to be part of such an extraordinary community.

And they love their music and podcasts too. From Webster Hall, CBCG, Broadway, and the Lincoln Center, New Yorkers have an appreciation for music unlike other cities. So, Spotify wanted to create something just for them. Listen Local: New York City features curated playlists and podcasts that are tailored just for NYC, which can all be found on one convenient hub. 

The music on Listen Local: New York City celebrates trending musicians and iconic artists out of NYC. One day you can listen to sounds from the Metropolitan Opera and then the next it could be a playlist dedicated to recordings from the Apollo Theater. The podcasts featured in this hub are also dedicated to all things New York. People can listen to podcasts about their culture, their food scene, or informative recordings that detail trendings news and reports concerning the city as well. 

Spotify also recognizes that beyond just a love for the Big Apple, locals also have their own borough love as well. Listen Local: New York City also has a playlist for each of New York’s five boroughs that are personalized for the area based on the specific listening habits of the Spotify users that live there. 

While this hub celebrates New York and its locals, it’s also available globally as well. Whether you live in a neighboring state or halfway around the world, if you love New York, this is a hub for you. You’ll get to keep up with podcasts about the area without having to be there, and you’ll also get to enjoy playlists that are trending in Staten Island, Queens, the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Manhattan.

You can learn more about all the hub has to offer on Spotify’s website, or you can begin listening to Listen Local: New York City now.